Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI
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Saturday, May 27

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Killer Cars

Panda handlers, Master Pintsmen, Huey Lewis enthusiasts, and so much more. All the live music you can handle. Formed by members ...more
Alternative Rock/Pop/Rock1:00pm

Last Crack

Last Crack, from Wisconsin, specializes in schizophrenic “acid-metal”, a truly unique aural experience that reveled in the desecration of musical ...more
Active Rock/Alternative Rock2:00pm

Saving Abel

Saving Abel was formed in 2004 and features a Southern Rockin Tennessippi sound. They are a perennial fan favorite as ...more

Love Monkeys

Charisma, energy, culture, and chaos– all in one musical setting. The LoveMonkeys blend of rock, pop, and reggae still reign ...more
Country/Country Rock/Pop/Rock4:00pm

Shallow Side

  SHALLOW SIDE Eric Boatright – vocals Cody Hampton – bass/guitar Seth Trimble – guitar/keyboards Heath Fields – drums Rock ...more

Michael Alexander & Big Whiskey

Michael Alexander & Big Whiskey play a perfect blend of Southern Rock, Country Rock, Rock and Outlaw Country. Their wide ...more
Southern Rock6:00pm


Wayland is a four piece rock n’ roll band consisting of Mitch Arnold on vocals, Phillip Vilenski on guitar, Dean ...more
Active Rock/Rock7:00pm


As familiar as the sound of a jet engine and as visceral as a ride on a speeding motorcycle, Everclear ...more

We Are Leo

WE ARE LEO is an American Christian pop rock band from Chicago, Illinois. Their members include frontman David Duffield, Doug ...more

100 White Flags

100 White Flags was formed, primarily, out of Beth Gearhart’s successful solo career, but the band is now a combination ...more


There’s something about Lybecker that makes you not want to stop listening. It could be the fact that Dewey’s voice ...more


Comprised of Justin Engler, Stevan Vela and Ben Vela, San Antonio-based Abandon has been heralded by fans and critics alike. ...more

We Are Leo

WE ARE LEO is an American Christian pop rock band from Chicago, Illinois. Their members include frontman David Duffield, Doug ...more

4th Point

With honest lyrics and heartfelt performances, 4th Point is a Chicago-area, high-energy band made up of best friends who believe ...more
Alternative Rock/Christian4:00pm


Lybecker is an Alternative Rock band out of Seattle, Washington.  You may have heard some of there music on TV ...more


Comprised of Justin Engler, Stevan Vela and Ben Vela, San Antonio-based Abandon has been heralded by fans and critics alike. ...more

Colton Dixon

COLTON DIXON’s 2013 debut, A Messenger, set the record for biggest first-week sales by a new solo Christian act, becoming ...more

Virginia Liquor Company

Virginia Liquor Company is down & dirty Country Rock, Cowpunk, Rockabilly music. Influences include whiskey, cigarettes, cigars, guitars, Cadillacs, Johnny ...more
Country Rock11:00am

Good Morning V

Good Morning V is an eclectic foursome hailing from Madison, Wisconsin. This emerging driving rock band features two members of ...more

Katie Scullin Band

Imagine if Amy Winehouse, Ann Wilson and Gotye’s Kimbra got together (in another dimension) for an hour of laughs and ...more


In the year 2000, Illinois-born Recording Artist & Producer, Rip, created his Independent Record Label, RiP Records, while still in ...more
Hip Hop2:00pm


In Pilot’s short three-year history, they’ve soared from the smallest of bars to Dane County’s largest festivals and annual events ...more

Black River Rebels

The Black River Rebels are a band of brothers from Greenville, SC bound together to single-handedly bring the sound of ...more

Kings of Radio

Kings of Radio are a 5-piece 80’s rock cover band based out of the Madison, WI area. The band has ...more
Classic Rock5:00pm


Against the formidable obstacles of an ever-changing cultural landscape, the rise and fall of various musical trends, and the near ...more

AG Music

Alex García aka AG, es un joven músico, productor y fundador de 608 Music. AG no sólo funciona en su ...more


Mi Nombre es Wilredo Medina Torres, AKA (Chikiz). Naci en San Juan de Puerto Rico donde me gradue en la ...more

Septima Alianza

Fue a principios de 2015 cuando un grupo de amigos decidieron comenzar en este proyecto de música llamado Septima Alianza. ...more

Ballet Folklorico de Maria Diaz

El Ballet Folklórico de María Díaz es un folklorico mexicano con sede en Madison, WI, con bailarines de 5 a ...more

Enamorados de la Cumbia

El grupo Enamorados de la Cumbia es una agrupacion de 5 piezas con sede en Madison, WI. El grupo realiza ...more

Henry Perez

Mi nombre es Guadiel Henry Pérez AKA como Henry. La gente me conoce como la voz gemela de Juan Gabriel. ...more

Ballet Folklorico de Carlos y Sonia Avila

El Ballet Folklórico México de Carlos y Sonia Ávila es un grupo de danza tradicional basado en Madison que fue ...more

Terkos de la Sierra

Terkos de la Sierra es un grupo de 4 piezas formada en Madison. El grupo fue fundado en 2016 por ...more

Escuadron Musical

El grupo Escuadron Musical es un grupo de Cumbia de 8 piezas de Marshall, MN. El grupo fue fundado por ...more

Orquesta Salsoul Del Mad

Orquesta Salsoul Del Mad trae salsa y soul, combinando lo mejor de dos mundos culturales–reuniendo el fuego de ritmos latinos, ...more