Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI

100 White Flags

Sunday, May 28 | Christian/Rock | Lifest EZ Office Products Stage | 11:00am

Website: 100 White Flags

100 White Flags was formed, primarily, out of Beth Gearhart’s successful solo career, but the band is now a combination of the talents of Gearhart and Paul Tietjen who, also, had a successul solo career prior to joining 100 White Flags. 
The band describes their style as progressive rock with blues and folk influences.

The members of 100 White Flags all have similar backgrounds. All four members spent time touring the country as a part of a youth ministry team at various times in their lives. With a heart for ministry and a passion for music, 100 White Flags looks to share music and have fun with the people they meet along the way.

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