Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI

7eventh Time Down

Monday, May 29 | Christian | Lifest EZ Office Products Stage | 4:00pm

Music has a way of bringing life into sharper focus and reminding us what’s truly important and real in a chaotic world. Insightful songs have always provided the foundation of 7EVENTH TIME DOWN’s ministry, and the band has never sounded more powerful or prophetic than on their new album GOD IS ON THE MOVE.

With more than a decade of music ministry behind them, the members of 7eventh Time Down realize more than ever that “God is on the Move,” and they are grateful to be part of that movement. “We’ve been doing this together for 11 years. Now we’re basking in God’s faithfulness. He’s giving us a bigger platform, fulfilling the promises that we know He made for us in His Word. The takeaway for me in this record is that God is always faithful. He’s always in motion. He’s always got a plan going. We can jump on board and be a part of that, knowing that it’s going to be scary at times. It’s going to be an adventure, but it’s going to be a story worth telling. He’s always going to pull you through until the very end. Like Romans says, ‘He works all things for our good.’ So everything is working for our good if we’re trusting God and just basking in His faithfulness. For me that says it all—He fulfills His promises every time.

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