Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI


Friday, May 26 | Christian | Lifest EZ Office Products Stage | 11:00am

Website: Lybecker

There’s something about Lybecker that makes you not want to stop listening. It could be the fact that Dewey’s voice sounds like a cross between Fergie and Jesus. And when Dan plays the bass, some people swear he takes on the shape of a unicorn. Chris used to work at a college as a janitor and solve equations professors would leave on their blackboards. But it’s probably just that when you’re around the band, everything is good. People seem to love Lybecker not only because they have a great sound, but because they are great guys. Their music sounds like Third Eye Blind hit Switchfoot with a guitar and went to jail where they were cell mates with Shane and Shane and played basketball with David Crowder band.


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