Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI
Brats on the Grill

Food and Drink Menu


Hours of Service: 10am-9pm

Gluten Free Dairy Free Brat $3
Gluten Free Chicken Chipotle Monterey Jack Brat $3


Vegetarian Vegan  

Field Roast Veggie Bratwurst $3


Boar's Head
        Qtr. Pound Pork and Beef Frankfurter $3

Village Hearth Breads

Vegetarian Buns
Vegetarian Gluten Free Hot Butter Roasted Corn  $2
Gluten Free= Gluten Free Dairy Free= Dairy Free Vegetarian= Vegetarian Vegan= Vegan


Vegetarian Gluten Free Udi’s Gluten Free Buns $1


 *Limited Availability, cannot guarantee no cross-contamination*

The Brat Tent, Corn Tent, and Brat Gear Tent all accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and cash (no checks please). For other food and beverage items, it is up to the individual vendors throughout the festival as to whether or not they accept cards or if they are cash only. If you forgot to get cash out prior to making it to Brat Fest- have no fear- there are 6 ATM’s located throughout the festival grounds. Check out the Official Brat Fest Map (PDF) for ATM locations.





Pepsi  $3
Diet Pepsi  $3
Doc  $3
Mountain Dew  $3
Mist TWST $3
Klarbrunn Pure Water $ 3
Brisk Pink Lemonade $3
Mountain Dew Spiked Raspberry Lemonade  $3
Mountain Dew Spiked Lemonade  $3
Klarbrunn Sparkling Pomelo Graprefuit  $3
Klarbrunn Sparkling Lemon $3
Gatorade Fruit Punch $ 3
Gatorade Cool Blue $3




Budweiser $6
Bud Light $6
Stella Cidre $6

Capital Brewery

Amber $6
Lake House $6
Mutiny $6




Wollersheim Prairie Fumé $6
Fetzer Red Wine $6
Vodka and Lemonade $8




Single Scoop (Dish or Wafer Cone) $3.50
Double Scoop (Dish or Wafer Cone) $4.50
Root Beer Float $4.50
Single Scoop Waffle Cone $4.50
Double Scoop Waffle Cone $5.50