Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI
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Friday, May 25

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Baby Rocket

Baby Rocket is a 4 piece band from Madison WI, and also plays as a 2 piece acoustic show. We ...more
Classic Rock/Rock11:00amBaker Tilly Main Stage

Birth of Tragedy

Birth of Tragedy has been crushing the Madison music scene with their unique brand of cathartic metal for nearly 20 ...more
Metal12:00pmBaker Tilly Main Stage

The Band Eden

EDEN is a alternative Rock group from Oshkosh Wisconsin, The founder of the band is Jacob Marks(Lead guitarist/lead vocals) he is joined ...more
Alternative Rock12:00pmLifest Tent Stage

Lynn Stoneking

Lynn Stoneking is a  wife, mama, daughter, FUN auntie, sister, singer, song-writer, and Worship Leader.  She resides on a beautiful, ...more
Christian/Country1:00pmLifest Tent Stage


Morningstar has been evolving into their heavy, symphonic, melodic rock sound of today, since first forming in the spring of ...more
Rock1:00pmBaker Tilly Main Stage

Jake O’McCluskey

Jake O’McCluskey is a 24-year-old-soul with the spirit of an aged blues man and talent of a seasoned rocker. He ...more
Blues/R&B/Rock1:00pmAmeriprise Financial Island Stage

Sleep Signals

Minneapolis hard rock quintet, Sleep Signals, have garnered a dedicated following through relentless touring, their explosive live performances, and their ...more
Rock1:00pmHo-Chunk Grand Stage


  Platteville, Wisconsin might be thought of as a quaint Wisconsin college town, but young and hungry hard rock trio, ...more
Alternative Rock/Blues/Rock2:00pmBaker Tilly Main Stage

Good Morning V

Good Morning V is an eclectic foursome hailing from Madison, Wisconsin. This emerging driving rock band features two members of ...more
Rock2:00pmHo-Chunk Grand Stage

Peder Eide

“I have one of the greatest jobs in the world!” says singer/songwriter/speaker Peder Eide (pronounced “I’d”) For nearly 1/3 of ...more
Christian2:00pmLifest Tent Stage

King Leopard

King Leopard, founded by lead singer Tosland Hopkins and drummer Aaron Kluz, set out with the sole purpose of making ...more
Acoustic/Soul2:00pmAmeriprise Financial Island Stage

Ethan Cox

Lead vocalist and guitarist Ethan Cox and BlackWaterGin is a blend of Southern influence and Country & Rock ‘n Roll. ...more
Country/Country Rock3:00pmAmeriprise Financial Island Stage

Morgan Whitney

Blues/Country/Country Rock/Southern Rock3:00pmHo-Chunk Grand Stage

7 Seasons Deep

The history of 7 Seasons Deep is vast and complicated. So let us dip our toes in the shallow end ...more
Rock3:00pmBaker Tilly Main Stage

Travis Agnew

Travis Agnew mixes a wide variety of flavors and sounds into his music. His styles range from Alt. Country, folk, ...more
Alternative Rock/Blues/Country3:00pmLifest Tent Stage

The Hootz

The Hootz, are a Punk-Country Party-Rock Band stationed out of Nashville, TN.  With husband & wife duo, Luke & Ange ...more
Country/Country Rock/Punk4:00pmHo-Chunk Grand Stage

Revolution X

Revolution-X’s sound is in-your-face midwest heavy rock. Our all-original music and engaging live shows gets the audience’s hearts racing with every ...more
Rock4:00pmBaker Tilly Main Stage

Rick Monroe – Acoustic

Rick Monroe is a country music singer/songwriter and road warrior who enjoys bringing his music directly to the people. His music ...more
Country4:00pmAmeriprise Financial Island Stage


Laura, better known by her stage name Adelaide, is a singer/songwriter from Southeast Missouri called to the ministry of music. ...more
Alternative Rock/Christian4:00pmLifest Tent Stage

Foo Foo Dolls

Foo Foo Dolls are Wisconsin’s new 90’s alternative rock cover band. Featuring songs from Nirvana, Green Day, STP & more....more
Alternative Rock5:00pmBaker Tilly Main Stage

Katie Scullin

Imagine if Amy Winehouse, Ann Wilson and Gotye’s Kimbra got together (in another dimension) for an hour of laughs and heartfelt ...more
Acoustic/Folk5:00pmHo-Chunk Grand Stage

Althea Grace

Althea Grace is a young singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the Chicago area. Althea’s music can best be described as new ...more
Blues/Rock5:00pmAmeriprise Financial Island Stage

Holly Starr

In every season, there’s always an intrinsic longing for something more… We dream of something new, someplace fresh or someone ...more
Christian/Pop5:00pmLifest Tent Stage

The Swing Crew

Fun is the bottom line with this interactive, acoustic band. The shows feature a wide variety of music, audience participation, ...more
Classic Rock/Country/Country Rock/Pop/Swing Music6:00pmAmeriprise Financial Island Stage

Rick Monroe

Rick Monroe is a country music singer/songwriter and road warrior who enjoys bringing his music directly to the people. His music ...more
Country6:00pmHo-Chunk Grand Stage

Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie is a fun, family-friendly festival band with over 15 years of experience. Cherry Pie plays all of the ...more
Rock6:00pmBaker Tilly Main Stage

Ayiesha Woods

Singer, songwriter, musician and now wife and mother, Ayiesha Woods is a multi-talented Artist who has certainly made her mark ...more
Christian6:00pmLifest Tent Stage

Michael Alexander & Big Whiskey

Michael Alexander is a Southern Rock style recording artist born in Virginia and raised in Madison Wisconsin. Michael has shared ...more
Southern Rock7:00pmHo-Chunk Grand Stage


WheelHouse is a nationally touring Americana and Bluegrass band hailing from Madison, Wisconsin. As a full-time working band they perform ...more
Americana/Bluegrass7:00pmAmeriprise Financial Island Stage

Seth & Nirva

Each extraordinary artists in their own right, Nirva Ready—a Chicago native and daughter of Haitian immigrants—is familiar to fans around ...more
Christian7:00pmLifest Tent Stage

Aaron Lewis

If it sounds like Aaron Lewis is long past defending his Country music pedigree, that would be a correct assessment. ...more
Country/Rock8:00pmHo-Chunk Grand Stage