Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI

Baby Rocket

Friday, May 25 | Classic Rock/Rock | Baker Tilly Main Stage | 11:00am

Baby Rocket is a 4 piece band from Madison WI, and also plays as a 2 piece acoustic show. We provided answers to some most common questions about Baby Rocket:
What is your band like?
Like the SiriusXM station named “The Spectrum”, we play a spectrum of music, where classic rock meets new rock.
What kind of music do you play?
In fact, we only play fun, popular, upbeat and danceable songs, from the 1960’s through today. Our target audience is everyone! We appeal to a wide range of people.
What sets you apart from other bands within your genre?
We are fans of music and go see other bands all of the time. We have learned to make it fun for the people who are there to see us. We play at a comfortable volume so you can talk to each other without shouting, yet still feel the groove and dance, drink, spend a lot of money and have a great time!
Where have you played?
Our biggest highlight is when we played at Summerfest in Milwaukee WI, in 2013. We have played “Brat Fest” in Madison in 2014, and will play there again this year in May. We have also been the house band for the Nau-Ti-Gal in Madison WI. We have played at many clubs around the Madison and Milwaukee areas, and places in between such as Lake Wisconsin, Lake Mills and Elkhorn WI.
Who is in the band?
Bandleader Clay Rehm performs most of the lead vocals, and lead guitar. Ken Anderson provides the rhythm on various types of drums including traditional, electronic and even stand-up cocktail drums. Melissa Kieler is an amazing vocalist with a great range, and plays acoustic guitar. Dan Thorpe rounds out the rhythm section on the bass guitar.
When did the band start?
No fooling, but our first gig was on April 1, 2006. We played at Mr. Roberts in downtown Madison WI.
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