Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI

Birth of Tragedy

Friday, May 25 | Metal | Baker Tilly Main Stage | 12:00pm

Birth of Tragedy has been crushing the Madison music scene with their unique brand of cathartic metal for nearly 20 years. Constructed of just two members, Cory Divine (guitars, vocals) and Ryan Peterson (percussion), BoT blends the influences of many metal genres to craft a sound all their own.

In May of 1999, they released their debut album, Samsara, recorded at the legendary Coney Island studios. The raw and punishing songs were a nod to thrash metal legends such as Sepultura, Slayer and Testament – but this was just a glimpse of what was to come. Birth of Tragedy began hitting the circuit, playing shows in Madison, Milwaukee, the Fox Valley, Minneapolis and Chicago. They soon became known as the 2 man metal band with the sound of a full group.

In 2001, they recorded their second album, The I and its Systems, at Sleepless Nights studios. With this album, they refined their approach to song writing without losing the punishing intensity they had become known for. Soon after, they won the Isthmus battle of the bands and were one of the featured artist’s in the February 2003 Rolling Stone magazine’s story on the Madison music scene.
This rise in notoriety caught the attention of a local music agent, and BoT soon found themselves supporting MudVayne on a handful of shows throughout the Midwest and at the Key Club on Sunset strip. They would go on to record two more albums, The Floating Room demos released in 2003 and To Die of the Truth released through DNA studios in 2006.
Over the past 10 years the boys of BoT have taken periodic breaks from their music to raise families and focus on other aspects of their lives. With the support of the local music scene still strong, they have recently re-emerged with new material and re-imagined classics to bring their “double-barreled onslaught” to the masses once again


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