Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI

Sofi Martinez

Sunday, May 27 | Latin | Lifest Tent Stage | 6:00pm

Sofi Martinez is a charismatic, talented singer and a new face of the scene, but there is no doubt that this diva is destined to become one of the greatest acts of tomorrow. The soft voice delivery, its musical style perfectly combines the traditional Banda Norteña rhythms with the strong tuba sounds that dominate the Latin lists of the world.

Born Claudia Martinez of Colombian origin, Claudia started her career with Grupo Sensacion, which later changed to Kali Kalor, two local groups with which Claudia started to tour. In 1999, after much demand from many followers, Claudia released her first single with Kali Kalor titled “Calena Rumbera”, that soon began to open doors.

In the mid-2012, Claudia launches herself as Sofi Martinez along with her first cumbia video “Mi Nuevo Amor”. In the summer of 2013, Sofi Martinez released her first Norteño Banda style album titled “Otra Vez”, an original that included 10 songs and was promoted throughout North and Latin AmericaAt the end of 2013, Sofi Martinez released her second video “En La Misma Cama”, a Song by Grupo Liberation. Her third video “Porque Te Vaz” with more than 60 thousand visits on YouTube would became one of the biggest hits giving it a new and fresh style, and an appearance on Banda Max.

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