Memorial Day Weekend: Madison WI

Brat Fest to Feature Zero Waste Initiative

April 14, 2015
This year the World’s Largest Brat Fest is showing its support of the community in a brand-new way—by starting a Zero Waste Initiative. Brat Fest will improve its current recycling program and will also add composting, with the goal of dramatically reducing the amount of landfilled waste in an effort to protect and benefit the environment.

What is a Zero Waste Initiative, you ask? The zero-waste movement is all about creating waste management procedures with the ultimate goal that everything be recycled, reused or composted, with as little as possible remaining for disposal. “Zero waste” simply means “as close to zero as possible” and is an ongoing effort to minimize the amount of trash generated in our community.

Brat Fest is proactively working with food vendors to choose compostable supplies so that more of the trash generated will be diverted from the landfill. Brat Fest is also recruiting volunteers to help event-goers know into which containers to put their waste.

This year, our goal is to divert at least 60% of trash and food waste from taking up limited space at the landfill. It will instead be made into compost, which can then be used for beneficial purposes, such as an alternative to synthetic fertilizers for gardening.

For more information, please contact Joe Golde, Zero Waste Coordinator, at 608-220-1494 or at